Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shadow Scare

I feel a little bad for laughing, but she's so cute.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So Amanda and I went to a Psychic today. Amanda went yesterday and was telling me about how this lady was amazing. She was able to get her friend Daniel and her right on. I was surprised that the lady told Amanda some of these things because they were things that I knew all along but for someone who never meet her, pretty good. Even though I’m totally for this kind of stuff a part of me was a little skeptical. But Amanda talked my into it…just a little since a part of my really wanted to go. I figured it was $25 that I could spend on myself.

The place is this house in the not so good part of town. It has this huge sign with a hand and the word psychic next to it. So we parked the car across the street at Rancho San Miguel and walked to the house. The lady does this in her house where she lives with someone and scared us when she opened the door. She pointed us to this small room right next to the front door. She was….normal. That sounds bad and I don’t expect all psychics to wear turbans and stuff, but she was just a lady. We sat down and she asked what I wanted: palm read, tarots, or psychic reading. I picked palm because it was cheapest. Her dog interrupted but that was ok.

She started by telling me to pick 2 wishes. 1 I tell her out loud and the other I keep to myself. Out loud I said ‘I want to be happy’ inside I thought I want to meet someone special. She did a little ‘ooo’ and started. It was weird. Even now I look back on it and there are no words to describe it. It wasn’t the future and shocked me but the way she got ME. She told me that I’m sensitive, too sensitive. I let everything get to me and it brings me down. I write and I don’t let anyone read it because I’m scared that they’ll laugh at me. I worry too much about what others say. She said that I had someone in the past; we never got close because I wouldn’t let him and that he disappointed me. That I never let anyone close because I worry that they’ll disappoint me. She said that I’m having trouble with a friend. That this friend is letting my down and it’s causing me troubles. She asked if I have problems sleeping and that the reason I can’t is because I have to much negative energy. I hold too much in and it never gets out. She guessed Bounce About and how I didn’t like my job. I liked the kids but the parents got in my way and I felt I wasn’t going anywhere with it. And that since September my home life has been causing me trouble. I have no space for myself.

Those things are what got me. How did she get that? I didn’t talk to her, I don’t even know her name and she doesn’t know mine, but she held my hand took a look at my palm and got all of it. And it’s all true.

She told that my transferring to Stanislaus is good for me. I’ll have two new beginnings this year; my birthday and the beginning of school. I have to break away from home so that I can learn about me. She said that I’m going to meet someone and fall in love and get married within the next two years. Amanda asked if I was going to live in a big city but the lady said I’ll probably get married before that choice gets put on the table. She said she sees me as a teacher for little kids. I’ll have two or three but that’s it because I’ll be surrounded by them. I should write kids books. She said I need a hobby, not painting that’s too simple, but something. She saw a craft and I said stained glass. She said I should take it up again because I have to do something that takes my mind off the world and my problems. I need to get rid of my negative energy. She said that she usually tells people not to take so many risks because they break their heart to much, but that I have to and if my heart gets broken oh well that’s life. I worry to much about people and my family and it’s not functional but it’s not dysfunctional. I have to do something for me.

I think that that was everything. I can’t really remember, we talked a bit about how she did it and what I felt with my own tarot cards. Then she asked if I have any question and I couldn’t think of any at the time, but now I have tons.

It was just a surreal moment and I kinda want to do it again.