Monday, January 24, 2011

Epic Adventure

I really want to do something epic this year. Not just a vacation or a trip, but something really amazing. I was talking to me friend a couple months ago and we mentioned a road trip. Of course it hasn't been mentioned again, but it's been stewing in my brain since we brought it up. It wouldn't be easy. Actually being away from my family (I do it for school but it's still been difficult), finding the money, finding a good car, and I would need to find a travel buddy or two. But it sounds like it could just be awesome. I'm thinking it might be the epicness that I'm looking for. I'll have to keep looking and hope that I find it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter with Demi Moore is on. My American Lit college professor and the movie Easy A both told me that it was a terrible adaption to the novel but I wasn't sure. I watched 20 minutes of it before I believed them. I think they took the basic premise of the novel and then put whatever they wanted in to the storyline. It's so bad I couldn't watch it and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Also I really like the word Stalwart. It just sounds like an awesome word. Even without the meaning. I wish I could use it....I'll have to find a way.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year

Geez what a year 2010 was. I haven’t updated this blog in a while and I am 6 days behind the beginning of the new year, but oh well. I’m a terrible sporadic updater. Last year was definitely full of ups and downs and has lead me down a different path.

I was finally able to transfer to Stanislaus in the path and spend much of the beginning of the year preparing for that. Lots of shopping, applications, and financial aid. I left in August and quickly adapted to living in the dorms, which has been a huge experience. Learning to live on my own, with three others, away from my family, and an entire building of college kids is no small feat, but I’ve done pretty well. I did well in my classes and although they were more work than at delta and felt like a bigger deal I didn’t struggle too much. I pulled good grades and might be able to finish by next Christmas.

While living in the dorms I found out new things about myself and decided there were unresolved issues that I needed to get over. Midway through the year I went to see a psychologist. After the first meeting I had high hopes for what we were going to accomplish, unfortunately it didn’t work out and after a 5 minute second meeting there wasn’t anything after. I’m still hoping to get over my problems. I don’t really have a plan on how to accomplish this, but I know that there are things I need to do and things that I have to do. It’s been a slow trip to this spot and I know it will take even longer.

I was able to take several fantastic trips last year. We went to San Francisco’s De Young Museum to see the exhibit Tutankhamun & the Golden Age of Pharaohs. It was something that I had been keeping my eyes on when it opened and was finally able to talk my family into going. It was an amazing exhibit with artifacts from Egypt that were created ages ago. It was made me want to visit the national museum in Cairo. It must be an amazing place.

We were also able to visit Disneyland twice. We went the last week of June as a family and had a great time. There’s no place like Disneyland. We talked about going again in the winter because my mom loves the decorations and decided to go again. We did a lot of saving and were able to find the fund. My cousin’s Tom and Mike and Tim’s girlfriend Hannah went with us this time. We spent New Year’s in the park which was an experience. I don’t think I’ll ever go this time of year again. There were so many people. But it was still really fun and I can’t wait until we are able to go again.

It was definitely a big year and I know that much of what was started will roll over. I’m interested to see what this year holds and I hope that it is filled with improvement.

I’ll have to do another post with just pictures and videos from last year since there was so many.

Happy New Year!