Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today my sister and Amanda decided to dress me up. I let them because I was bored and I kinda was okay with it. Maybe because I had a little attention and I was interested to see what they picked out. Anyways we had just finished and stopped at Macy's so they could try on dresses. Amanda was still trying them on when my sister and I got into a discussion outside the dressing room door. I told her that there where things about me she didn't know and that my friend could describe me as a totally different person than she could. I said that there where things I didn't want to know about her because outside of the house was probably a different person and I didn't want my views of her to be tarnished. Well she whined and pushed wanting me to tell her a secret. I said no so she told me a secret of hers and Amanda old her my secret (I couldn't do it). Then is got real awkward.

I realized that I'm always going to assume that my brothers and sisters have followed my example in a lot of things and that I hold them up in this light. But really they are people who do...stupid things and stuff that I'll never know. I really wish that I wasn't told the secret. It made me realize that my sister is a bit of a hypocrite and that she isn't the person that I thought she was. My friend said the same thing. She was shocked and finds it hard to admire my sister.

As for my secret I wish more than anything she didn't know. I hate he fact that she does and I wished I had lied but my mouth just get so caught up. Ahhh I don't like secret sharing anymore. It can ruin so much.

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