Saturday, May 8, 2010

Imagination At It's Best

I realize that I haven’t been updating this as much as I’m supposed too. It’s not that I forget about it, I actually have am alarm on my phone that goes off at 3:00pm every weekday saying “BLOG!!” The problem is that I don’t know what to write. I think about it all day, but I can never come up with anything to say.

To me writing goes hand in hand with reading. I don’t believe that had I not LOVED reading I never would have picked up a pencil and began to write. We all have imaginations as kids but as we get older we lose the ability to not only pretend but make up adventures in our minds. Reading allows us to keep that.

I was going through this website which is a site with pictures of all types. I was looking through the quote section (because I love love quotes) and I saw this pictures that said “Book lovers never go to be alone.” And I realized how to true this is. Especially when I go to the dentist or to give blood and they always ask of you want a magazine. I politely decline and spend the time waiting looking around the room and then staring out the window. And while I might look weird just staring my mind is on its own adventure. I could be daydreaming. Thinking up characters that I’ve made up and what they’re doing. Or I might be going over a story that I’ve already read. The parts of the story that the writing didn’t write. Just the mundane steps fascinate me. And I find that time passes very quickly.

I believe that reading is an amazing thing. And I understand that not everyone enjoys reading (especially at my age) but it’s a huge part of me and it’s always been there.

Reading has given me the confidence to write. To create world and people are my entirely and whose stories I cherish. I can’t imagine not have the ability to be able to do both.


” Some people think that reading is boring, but the only truth I can tell is the fact that reading has saved me from bad realities. Yes, I know that I can’t just stay living in my own imagination through the books I read whether it’s a fiction or not. But filling up my mind with good things (even when it’s imaginary) has done much in healing some invisible scars.”

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