Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Making the Plan

So I finally did some actual work on my creative writing revisions. Well not a lot of work. I printed out the reviews and highlighted the remarks that I feel will be of good use. I’ve decided to edit You Are My Drug I feel like right now it would be best to get this one edited. I’m not even close to finished the story with Jesel and…I don’t know…I would like to have Jay and Trevor’s story done.

I feel safer with this story.
So tomorrow I need to find out a bit more about cocaine and then go through and work on it. I usually sit there for a couple of hours writing stuff in the margin, crossing out stuff in the margins, and then rewriting more stuff. Tomorrow seems like the best time to do it so I’m not rushed on Friday. I want to do my best. I really like this story and want to make sure it gets the add-ons it deserves.

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