Monday, April 5, 2010

First Bee Sting

I took a walk today with my dog Chase. I was in front of my neighbors lawn when a bee flew by my face and towards my neck. I titled sideways and pulled down my sweat shirt. As I titled my hair from my pony swung and I felt immediate pain. I made my way towards that house titled sideways and made my way up to my mom. She checked it out and sure enough I was stung.

Can I say ouch. It was my first bee sting and it hurt a lot. I put some Neosporin on the wound which just made it hurt more. After my mother saw that I was okay all she could say was

“the poor bee”

“you killed a bee”

“bee’s are disappearing and you killed one.”

So now not only do I have a wound on my neck I have the guilt of killing that poor bee. And it wasn’t even my fault!

So I wrote this small poem called “Poor Little Bee.”

"Poor Little Bee"

Poor little bee
Flyng about
Made one wrong turn
In my neck it flew
A moment of panic
A quick sting
A quick getaway
One last flight
Landing gently
Stilling in the breeze
Poor little bee

I’m very sorry bee that you flew into my neck.

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