Friday, April 30, 2010

Tactful Criticism

I finished turning in my assigned story reviews. I tried to stay tactful with my reviews and I’m hoping that they didn’t come off as mean.

I had a harder time this week than I did last. I think that’s because I found two of this week’s stories not as great as the ones before. That sound mean, but unfortunately that’s what I thought. I tried to be as nice as I could and still relay my message. It’s harder than one might think giving a tactful review. Whatever you might want to say as to be edited. I’m not a mean person and I don’t think that I would ay anything mean anyways, but sometimes you want to just tell someone the truth.

I hope the other students take my reviews as criticism as helpful and not mean.

I know I recieved a review that...well she said what she believed and it wasn't good at all. No matter how tactful it is any review that takes apart your story can be hurtful. But as a writer you have to take the bad and turn it into something good so that you can improve your story.

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