Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting Things Done

I printed out my assigned stories (correctly back to back). I’ll hopefully get them read tomorrow or Wednesday. I have a Shakespeare paper due on Sunday, a test due Wednesday, and will more than likely have homework for my Word, Excel, and Access class. I would like to get most of the work finished before Saturday. I’m tired of waiting until the day it’s due to turn everything in. I need to become a better student and motivate myself to work before.

I had a quick look-through of the stories I’m supposed to read and I realized that I responded to a review two weeks ago and called the woman the wrong name. Her name is Jacquelynn but it’s weirdly separated on the board and I called her Jaque. Opps. I hope she does think I was be lazy and didn’t type out her name correctly for that I was being rude. I’ll get it right this time.

The stories I was given (except for the same author I previously had) are different than I what I had last time. It’ll be interesting to see how they turn out.


I just watched a video that was either depressing or heartwarming depending on how the watcher feels. I found it super depressing and admittedly I cried. It’s the story of a child fight and a parent’s love. It’s amazing to see how this baby fought all odds and the pictures of his life. Not only the child but the parents who loved this baby and fought alongside him praying and giving him everything they had. I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it. Here it is but it is sad. So don’t watch if you aren’t willing to give a cry. Also it doesn't fit too well in this space so you might want to double-click the video and go directly to the page.

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