Monday, April 12, 2010

College and Editing

This week in my creative writing class we are assigned other students pieces to critique. I’m a little nervous. I enjoy reading what others have come up with but it’s telling them what’s wrong that I’m not a fan of. It might be part of my social phobia or whatever but I don’t want them to be upset. Last year I gave them a few pointers but didn’t really give them a true edit. I think this year I might give them a real answer.

I’ve always been a little picky about editing grammar. It annoys me when it’s not right. I edit everything I read. My siblings hate it. I just hope that the author isn’t upset when I tell them what’s wrong. Although I’m not sure if that’s really critiquing. Argh so frustrating. I also sometimes read someone's work an think "this just isn't good at all." But that is a terrible thing to say to person, so I never say it and I have no idea how to get around it with "the piece needs a bit more work." We’ll see what happens after I read them.

So I was finally accepted into CSU Stanislaus. Yay! It’s pretty exciting, but I’m panicking a little. I’m only focusing on the dorms and money right now and trying not to think about everything else. I think we’ll have school money soon. Dorms though. Man that’s freaking me out. I have no real idea what to take with me and have been researching. Lots of websites and watching youtube videos.

The difference between boys and girls is funny. Boy have the bare basics and that’s about it. Girls, however, have rooms backed to the brim. I swear they bring everything they possible can. And I know that I’m more than likely going to be one of those girls. I’m only an hour from home but at the same time I’m an hour from home.

I’m going to freak out a bit more and make another list.


  1. congrats on getting accepted!!!!! perfect distance from home 8:) On the responses to other writers, it's a great writing assignment itself--tell the truth from your own personal point of view as kindly as possible.

  2. Thank you. My parents are definitley happy about the distance. :)

    And it's very true about this being an assignment. We have to get our point across without coming off as too judemental or acting like jerks.