Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy Busy

This is not going to be a fun week. Suddenly I’ve been dropped with a lot of important school work. The tow that I’m most worried about is the Shakespeare book King Lear that I have to have done by Saturday and a re-take test plus homework for my Word, Excel, and Access class. Goodness…plus my sister turned 21 today. I wish it was already next Monday.

So I’m caught between two stories to turn into my creative writing class. They both need a lot of work. I need to add a good amount of bone to one and change and fix quite a bit in the other. But they are the only pieces that I feel semi-comfortable turning it. I know that the point of this assignment is to have someone read your work and give you good criticism. I know that it’s okay to turn in something that’s not perfect and needs to work but I don’t want to turn in something that I don’t think is even close to good.

I need to have more pieces that I can look at and feel like I do about “You’re my Drug.” So I think I’ll look over the two pieces that I have and see which one needs the least amount of editing. It’s starting off as a fun fun week. Yayyyy.

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