Saturday, April 17, 2010

And the Reviews Are In

I received all of the critiques and review for my submitted story yesterday. Five in total. Four from students and one from my teacher herself (whose names I misspelled after emails her-SO SO sorry Mrs. Giliiam). I found it interesting that every review had something different to say. At least three found it confusing until they reached the end, but that was kinda point of the story. I didn’t want to give away everything.

When I submitted this last time (I turned it in again because I wanted to get more feedback) almost all of the reviews asked for the name of the drug and for Jay to have more backbone. This time I received four different problems that the editors would like changed. Even though they would like to see me add more to the story I’m really glad that the previous problems I had did not exist. It means that I did my job.

Now comes the hard part. It’s time for me to go deeper into the story. To revisit the same thought-path I had before, but make changes on the way. It’s definitely going to take longer than week so I’m going to try and start it soon.

After I find another piece to turn it. That’s my first dilemma. I don’t have another piece that I’m as proud of as this one. It’s time to go through my notepads and search my computer. After that I’ll work on “You Are My Drug.”

I am glad that they liked the title. I wasn’t (and still am) not sure how much I like it, but since I didn’t have any bad remarks on it I’ll keep it…..for now at least.

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